Benefits of Mentoring

Mentoring Organisation Award
Senior Mentor Supervisor and programme Manager Elaine Owen with Shirley Bowen of Vale House Community Centre, winners at the Mentorsme Awards – Equality and Diversity in Mentoring Award

Although there is little hard evidence of the direct effect of mentoring on businesses, it is widely recognized that mentoring has been proven to be successful in aiding individuals and businesses to develop.

Mentoring is perceived to be an ‘enabler’ as it helps to develop business leaders to have greater confidence, integrity, and emotional intelligence and thus become more proactive, solutions-focused and better at decision-making. Hence there is an improvement in business performance as these skills impact on team performance, lead to culture change, release the potential of the wider workforce, improve staff retention, and encourage more effective succession planning.

Similarly becoming a mentor and inspiring small businesses through the sharing of experiences can be extremely rewarding on a personal level and enables the mentor to ‘give something back’ to the local business community.

A comprehensive study into the benefits of mentoring was conducted in April 2008 by the Mentoring and Coaching Research Unit at Sheffield Hallam University, which represents the most substantial collection of mentoring researchers in Europe and is leading the way in mentoring and coaching research. The research, which drew on the results of over 100 studies conducted over 25 years, summarised the benefits of mentoring as follows:

Benefits of mentoring to SMEs

• Improved job creation and business performance
• Increased business activity, sales and marketing
• Successful transfer and development of skills and ability to cope with problems
• Increased ideas generation and knowledge enhancement
• Enhanced confidence and job satisfaction
• Successful completion and achievement of objectives

Benefits of mentoring to the mentor

• Improved job performance
• Greater satisfaction, loyalty and self awareness
• New knowledge and skills
• Leadership development

Overall benefits of mentoring

• Improved performance and productivity
• Career opportunities and advancement
• Improved knowledge and skills
• Greater confidence and well-being
• Enhanced decision making skills
• Improved understanding of business
• Widened experience