Become a Business Mentor

Become a Mentor

Q. What training can I expect to receive?
If training is an important area for you, ensure you discuss this with us before you commit offering your time.

The training covers everything from the legal and ethical requirements of mentoring, to the financial aspects of running a business and an understanding of the competing demands that face an entrepreneur, as well as providing skills to manage the mentoring relationship.

If you are a current or former employee of one of the banks that make up the Business Finance Taskforce – the body behind – you will be trained by SFEDI as a matter of course. The banks participating in the Business Finance Taskforce are Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds Banking Group, Royal Bank of Scotland , Santander.

Become a mentor - getting started

You have been in business for a number of years or have considerable business knowledge and you wish to share what you have learned with others.

Mentoring could be the answer. But first you probably have a number of questions. If they aren’t covered below, contact us on ;hello@mentoring or 0151 653 3338 and ask for Elaine or Paul

Q. What experience do I need to become a mentor?
A. A mentor is normally someone who has extensive business experience or is knowledgeable in a particular business area, such as finance, marketing, business start up. 

Q. Why should I become a mentor?
A. Your business knowledge puts you in a prime position to support the next generation of businesses and play a crucial role in helping UK companies grow, which will in turn boost the chances of economic recovery. In addition, you will gain a wider understanding of the issues and challenges facing small businesses, which will enhance your own working life and outlook.

Q. How do I become a mentor?
A. Follow these three steps:
1. Download the job description and dos and don’ts checklist, which sets out the role of a mentor.
2. Prove to us that you have the relevant skills, knowledge and professional experience. You can do this through recommendation, self-assessment, accreditation, qualifications or by completing one of our recognised training programmes.

Become a mentor